How Much Do you Know About Real Estate in Jacksonville, Florida?


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Jacksonville Real Estate Quiz

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It's a lot!

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How much has Jacksonville Real Estate appreciated in the last 10 years?

pack your sunscreen!

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What city has the most expensive real estate on average?

HISTORIC old homes

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Avondale had the majority of its homes built in what time period

early bird gets the worm

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When is the right time to buy?

realtors add transparency

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Do realtors in Jacksonville have to disclose all details about the property?

variables matter

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What Comps most affect the price of a property?

just because you can, doesn't mean you should

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Can you sell a home in Jacksonville without a realtor?

it's a brave new world

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Can you close on a home in Jacksonville without being present?

this repeats itself

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Which of the following will impact your credit score?

avoid another 2008

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When are you required to purchase private mortgage insurance?

Your score is

The average score is 37%