You can’t float TWO mortgages at the same time, and you don’t want to waste time and money renting and moving multiple times…or worse crashing on your in-laws couch for 6 months in between the selling and burying process, but you really need to upgrade your Home. If this sounds like you, you are in a Classic “Contingent Real Estate Buying and Selling” Transaction. This is a very old and common conundrum (especially in the red hot Jacksonville Real Estate market), but there is a new, simple method that actually saves you money, time and does NOT rely on you selling your home before buying your new home.

One Lender to Rule Them All…and an Expert Jacksonville Realtor

Erin King – The Realtor Who Solved This Problem

Contingent Home Buying and Selling Real Estate in Jacksonville FL

In today’s market, families need to upgrade their living situation. Whether it’s working from home, a new child, outgrowing your home, or a good-old fashioned move or even downsize, the same situations keep arising – How do you buy your new home, and sell your old home at the same time? Traditionally these contingent sales are murky and require multiple layers of complexity. Erin King has successfully navigated thousands of real estate transactions over dozens of years. His approach allows you to literally skip the entire stressful process of juggling both the sale and buy side of the equation, while allowing you to move into your new home sooner than later, without complicated IF THEN financial statements.

  • ONE lender to save time, money and reduce risk

  • ONE Realtor to Manage Buying & Selling

  • NO Renting or Multiple Moves (Just say No to AirBnB for 6 months)

  • NO Stressful Timelines or Deadlines on Selling Existing House

Move In Today…The Sell Side is NOT a Barrier to Entry Anymore

Mortgage companies do not care if you are forced to sell, and rent for months. This is because you represent a financial risk to them if they see you carry an existing mortgage (on your current home). Selling, and then renting is a waste of equity that could be going towards your new home in the next 30 days, appreciating in value (real estate assets in Jacksonville continue to prove one of the best long-term assets), and Selling and moving your family into your friend’s garage is going to require a divorce attorney in 3 months. Worse, it requires multiple moves and further logistics, days off, which all account for major headaches and financial burdens. Erin King, is an expert in this exact Sell / Buy side real estate scenario, and is extremely knowledgeable on all things Jacksonville real estate.

Time to deal with a real estate mortgage company in Jacksonville that won’t give you the run around…

New Homes for Sale in Jacksonville FL

How Exactly Can I Buy My New House, Before I Sell My Existing Home?

New Homes for Sale in Jacksonville FL

To avoid a contingent sale of buying a new home while selling your existing home, you need to work with one realtor and one lender. Because this lender is going to buy the mortgage of your existing home and help you finance your new home, you will actually save money and get a better rate. This makes sense, because if you ever purchased 2 for 1 at a store, you get a discount. Obviously real estate is a much bigger transaction but the same principle applies. Erin King works closely with a network of mortgage lenders to ensure his clients receive the absolute best, lowest interest rates and terms. Interest is not the only concern, which is why Erin King only works with lenders that allow your current (OLD) house to sit dormant for months before being sold. This nearly reduces your risk down to virtually 0%, the lowest possible, while still being able to finance and move into your new home immediately. And because you are working with ONE master Realtor, Erin King has a vested interest in seeing the deal completed start to finish. This means the absolute best interest rates, sale price on your new home, and sell price on your existing home.

Contingent home buying is good if you truly want to rent for 6 months to a year, but savvy families who want to buy absolutely love this new strategy and process. Need to make a few small repairs, upgrades and paint for your OLD home? Perfect, your one new lender allocates funds towards renovations necessary for you to bring it to the market, or you can simply sell as is…but that is not the main focus. You need and want to get into your new home. Your existing mortgage is not stopping you from achieving this using Erin King’s proven strategy (just read his testimonials and ask for references). If you qualify for financing for your new home, Erin King will work closely with you to ensure you get financed out of your old mortgage, buy your new dream house, save money, time and NOT have multiple moves during the next few months…. while saving your marriage, friendships, and your lower back in the process.