Murray Hill is a neighborhood of Jacksonville Florida, located between Riverside and Avondale.

Explore this hidden pocket of culture and dining where a beautiful greenery serves as a background for a pleasant day.

Reasons to Move to Murray Hill, Jacksonville Florida

The upscale neighborhood of Murray Hill, Jacksonville Florida boasts a multitude of fabulous features for singles and families alike. Museums, boutique galleries, and performing arts galore highlight Jacksonville’s rich history, arts, and cultural community. Experience a unique blend of festivals, live music, art events, and exhibitions while visiting Murray Hill, Jacksonville Florida. The city of Jacksonville is proud of its rich heritage and culture and is eager to welcome new visitors to experience it. Jacksonville has had modest real estate fastest growing market gains compared year-over-year in Florida. According to real estate agents, residents, and business owners, the growth comes from millennials moving to Murray Hill.



When visiting, check out Murray Hill’s, parks and stroll along Edgewood’s dozens of local stores. While drawing inspiration from rivers, beaches, and many natural wonders, national and international artists have left their mark all over Jacksonville, so, make sure to stop and experience the culture of the city everywhere you go. Snap a pic of the neighborhood’s many murals and catch a show at the historic Murray Hill Theatre. The abundant parks, ecological preserves, and waterways in Jacksonville provide an unforgettable opportunity to escape city life and get active in nature’s playground.


Cost of living in Murray Hill, Jacksonville Florida

The overall cost of living in Murray Hill, Jacksonville Florida is 86 (The cost of living index is based on a national average of 100.). The cost of goods & services is 96, groceries 110, health care 84, housing 63, transportation 84, and utilities 97. The cost of living in Murray Hill is 13% lower than the Jacksonville average, 14% lower than the national average and housing is 37% lower than the national average.

The average annual household income is $75,222 in Murray Hill while the median household income sits at $48,292 per year. The average rent for an apartment is $1,530 in Jacksonville but the cost of rent varies depending on several factors, including location, size, and quality, and an estimated median price of $422,500.


Things to do in Murray Hill, Jacksonville Florida

Take your pick from Maple Street Biscuit Company, Moon River Pizza, Murray Hillbilly, and many more, the streets are lined with coffee shops, bakeries, and a wide range of restaurants.

Experience the great outdoors with an evening of camping or hiking on miles of shaded trails. Bring the whole family to one of many animal-related attractions for an unforgettable wildlife adventure.

Opportunities for an active lifestyle are everywhere in Murray Hill add quiet, mallow, and quaint charm to outdoor water sports such as sailing, water skiing, cycling or just relaxing on the river shore. The thriving area features wonderful historic landmarks within its diverse city community making this hottest entrainment and dining venues an area not to be missed.

Murray Hill, Jacksonville Florida
(Moon River Pizza)
Looking for a vegan feast or full course fine dining?

You will find what you are looking for in Murray Hill’s hot spot as this community delivers all amenities.

How many people live in Murray Hill, Jacksonville Florida – Population?

Located in Jacksonville Florida, Murray Hill has a population of 9,492. The number of people per household in Murray Hill, Jacksonville Florida is 2.

Family establishments represent 48.55% of the Murray Hill households, while non-family units account for the remaining 51.45%. In addition, 23.28% of households have children and 76.72% of households are without children. The population density in Murray Hill is 297% higher than in Jacksonville and the median age is 21% higher than in Jacksonville. Housing units in Murray Hill are 50.36% owner-occupied while 49.64% have renters living in them.



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Murray Hill, Jacksonville Florida Weather

The city is located in north-eastern Florida, on the banks of the St. Johns River, near the Atlantic coast. So, the climate of Murray Hill, Jacksonville is subtropical, with mild winters and hot, humid summers.

The coldest month of the year is January with an average temperature of 12.3 °C (54.2 °F). The winter, from December to February is mild, normally the days are mild because the sun shines but at night the temperature can approach the freezing point. The summer, from June to September is muggy and hot. The warmest month of the year is July with an average temperature of 28.1 °C (82.5 °F). Although it has plenty of hot days it doesn’t often get scorching hot.

Murray Hill, Jacksonville Florida

Mid-March to mid-April is the perfect time to visit Murray Hill, Jacksonville, May is generally an excellent time to enjoy the beach, however, it can sometimes get a little cold at night.

Average Income in Murray Hill, Jacksonville Florida

The average annual salary is $57,314 in Murray Hill, Jacksonville Florida which works out to be approximately $27.55 an hour and is equivalent to $1,102 a week or $4,776 a month. Most salaries range from $40,874 to $72,661 annually. Of course, Individual salaries in Murray Hill will vary depending on the department, job, location, as well as the individual skills and education of each employee. Some highest paying jobs include;

  • C LEVEL EXECUTIVE:   $117,308
  • PHYSICIAN:   $98,316
  • FINANCE MANAGER:   $63,977
  • DENTIST:   $102,505
  • FINANCIAL ANALYST:    $85,375
  • IT MANAGER:   $79,610
  • MOBILE DEVELOPER:   $71,176
  • SOFTWARE ENGINEER:   $70,236
  • WEB DESIGNER:   $75,074

Taxes & Utilities in Murray Hill, Jacksonville Florida

In Murray Hill, Jacksonville Florida, the average electricity customer is using 1,554 kWh of electricity per month and 18,648 kWh throughout the year. So, on average, electricity users spend about $210 per month on electricity. It adds up to $2,520 per year and that’s 27% higher than the national average electric bill of $1,986.

The minimum combined 2022 state, county, and city sales tax rate for Murray Hill, Jacksonville Florida is 7.5%. The Florida sales tax rate is currently 6%, the County sales tax rate is 1.5% and the Jacksonville sales tax rate is 0%. Florida’s general sales tax is 18% higher than the national average and state income tax is 100% lower than the national average.

Taxes & Utilities in Murray Hill

Is Murray Hill, Jacksonville Florida good for singles?

Located near historic Avondale, this old yet new again neighborhood in Jacksonville has become the spot for singles and young entrepreneurs to open innovative restaurants, bottle shops, boutiques, and businesses.

Local art, craft beer, delicious food, and passionate makers all have transformed Murray Hill into one of the thrilling neighborhoods in Jacksonville for singles. The shoreline of Jacksonville is longer than any other Florida destination, making it the perfect spot for anglers and surfers alike for their next big catch. Those who want to ride a wild wave can come to Jacksonville or a fisherman’s paradise ready to reel in their next big catch. Jacksonville’s shoreline is the longest in all of Florida.


Is Murray Hill, Jacksonville Florida good for families?

It’s time to experience a new side of the Sunshine State if you and your family have an appreciation for world-class attractions, exciting nightlife, and life on the water.

Murray Hill, Jacksonville Florida offers a diverse style of homes. When you drive through Murray Hill, you will notice that the houses are cottage-like, smaller, stylish bungalow-style homes, usually with open floor plans, front porches, and closer to downtown areas.

Murray Hill, Jacksonville Florida good for families

How are the schools in Murray Hill, Jacksonville Florida?

There is no doubt that the school system in the city is one of the best in the state, as it offers a unique curriculum based on Common Core standards. There are many higher education options with various fields to study nearby.

Approximately 37.74% of the population in Murray Hill holds a high school degree, 20.28% have attained a college certificate and 18.78% have a bachelor’s degree.


Middle schools in Murray Hill, Jacksonville Florida

  • Kirby-Smith Middle School
  • Duval Charter School at Baymeadows K-12
  • River City Science Academy Mandarin
  • Duval Charter School At Coastal
  • Kirby-Smith Middle School
  • River City Science Academy Mandarin

schools in Murray Hill, Jacksonville Florida

High schools in Murray Hill, Jacksonville Florida

  • Douglas Anderson School of the Arts
  • Darnell Cookman Middle/High School
  • Duval Charter High School at Baymeadows
  • Samuel W. Wolfson High School
  • Frank H. Peterson Academies of Technology

Colleges & Universities in Murray Hill, Jacksonville Florida

Conclusion: Why you should consider moving to Murray Hill, Jacksonville Florida

  • In Murray Hill, rental prices are 13% lower than the Jacksonville average.
  • With its trendy bars, hip coffee shops, vaping stores, and independent clothing stores owned by people not old enough to remember the area’s heyday, the area is leading in unprecedented growth.
  • Combined with the growing number of boutiques and shops along the corridor, the area is trending towards continued growth.
  • Due to its growing epicenter for retail, restaurants, and commercial buildings, the area presents attractive markets in logistics, finance, and hospitality.

Moving to Murray Hill, Jacksonville Florida?

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