Jacksonville is an excellent place to live at any stage of your life. This Atlantic shore city offers a great balance of activities and cost of living to its residents. There is no doubt a lot to choose from when looking for homes for sale in Ortega, Jacksonville, but renting is fairly easy and a common practice when you first move to a new location. To make your search easier, and help decide if you want to relocate here permanently, here is some information about Ortega, Jacksonville Florida.

Reasons to Move to Ortega, Jacksonville Florida

Ortega is located on a peninsula 15 minutes from Jacksonville’s city center. Ortega, which is sandwiched between two rivers, is home to mansions in the South and turn-of-the-century historic homes. The parks of the Old Ortega Historic District will entice you with their exquisite oak, pine, and palm trees. Ortega Forest, a more intimate embedded community that is regularly rated as one of the best in Florida, is located in this overwhelmingly family-oriented area. The major employer in Ortega is NAS Jacksonville, which also holds the NAS Jacksonville Air Show with the Blue Angels every alternate year. Considering that Ortega is one of the top 10 areas in Jacksonville to purchase a property, expect higher home prices there as demand for Ortega increases over time.

Reasons to Move to Ortega, Jacksonville Florida

Welcome to a community where you can find incredible affordability, a flurry of activity, and relaxation that takes you only a few minutes from the workplace to the seaside. In Ortega, Jacksonville Florida work and life do more than balance and hit the high water mark. Beyond the sand and surf, historical monuments, professional sports, and the country’s largest urban parks system, you can put diversity on your to-do list. Public gardens, attractions, and activities in Greater Jacksonville have one thing in common – an active life outdoors is a key component to happiness.

Cost of living in Ortega, Jacksonville Florida

The cost of living in Ortega, Jacksonville Florida is 118. The cost of goods & services is 96, groceries 110, health care 84, housing 170, transportation 84, and utilities 97.


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The cost of living in Ortega is 19% higher than the Jacksonville average, 18% higher than the national average and housing is 70% higher than the national average. The median Household Income is $109,975.

Things to do in Ortega, Jacksonville Florida

Ortega, Jacksonville Florida is an epic place to visit whilst exploring Northern Florida. It is an incredible melting pot of cultures and history with much to offer. A trip here is going to quench your cocktail thirst, satisfy your shopping desires, and fill up your camera roll. There are plenty of fun things to do in Jacksonville from visiting historical forts to camping in state parks and watching blockbuster movies at drive-in theaters. Ortega, Jacksonville Florida prides itself on having a little something for everybody.

Stroll the boardwalk at Jacksonville Beach as the mile-long oceanfront is bursting day and night with dining, entertainment, and shopping. You can catch a concert, outdoor movie screening, or festival at Seawalk Pavilion on any given day. A network of connected trails & miles of seashore offer runners peaceful pathways, a great setting for running, especially for professionals looking for a work break in the city’s core. You can also switch up your scenery with a jog on Jacksonville-Baldwin Rail Trail.

Things to do in Ortega, Jacksonville Florida

How many people live in Ortega, Jacksonville Florida – Population?

Located in Jacksonville Florida, the population of Ortega is 1,164. The population density in Ortega is 14% lower than in Jacksonville and the median age is 21% higher than in Jacksonville. Housing units in Ortega are 52.75% owner-occupied while 47.25% have renters living in them. Family establishments represent 59.99% of Ortega households and non-family units account for the remaining 40.01%. In addition, 30.02% of households have children and 69.98% of households are without children.

Average Income in Ortega, Jacksonville Florida

The average annual salary in Jacksonville is $57,314 which works out to be approximately $27.55 an hour and is equivalent to $1,102 a week or $4,776 a month. Most salaries in Jacksonville range from $40,874 to $72,661 annually. The income per capita in Ortega is 109% higher than the national average, the median household income is 80% higher than the national average, the unemployment rate is 58% lower than the national average and the poverty level is 100% lower than the national average. Jobs that pay higher than the local average include;

people live in Ortega, Jacksonville Florida - Population

  • Intensivist:   $327,956
  • Diagnostic Radiologist:   $306,513
  • Orthopedic Surgeon:   $323,363
  • Radiologist:   $312,471
  • Gastroenterologist:   $337,181
  • Pain Management Physician:   $299,441
  • Interventional PAIN Physician:   $312,999
  • Urologist:   $296,958
  • Non Invasive Cardiologist:   $295,806
  • Anesthesiologist:   $296,285

Taxes & Utilities in Ortega, Jacksonville Florida

The average residential electricity rate in Jacksonville is 12.4¢/kWh. This average electricity rate is 8.58% greater than the Florida average rate of 11.42¢/kWh.

The minimum combined 2022 state, county, and city sales tax rate for Jacksonville, Florida is 7.5%. The Florida sales tax rate is currently 6%, the County sales tax rate is 1.5% and the Jacksonville sales tax rate is 0%. Florida’s general sales tax is 18% higher than the national average and state income tax is 100% lower than the national average.

Ortega, Jacksonville Florida

Is Ortega, Jacksonville Florida good for singles?

Ortega is home to many singles who need a safe place to live a good life and meet with active friends.


Want to refine your fitness level with High-End Clubs & Equipment?

Fitness facilities in Ortega, Jacksonville Florida help with muscle gain, muscle toning, and overall fitness. The instructors in these gyms have experience in creating a workout routine that meets fitness goals and assists in creating a dietary plan suitable for clients’ long-term goals. The fitness experts tailor their fitness programs to every age and fitness level. Different types of equipment in these gyms aid in transforming the body.  Ortega, Jacksonville Florida fitness gyms are extremely proud to boast tons of fitness equipment, high energy environments, dumbbells, free weights, weight machines, cardio machines, and amenities designed to get you optimal results. Below is a list of gyms in and near Ortega, Jacksonville Florida;


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  • Orangetheory Fitness Jacksonville – Mandarin
  • Bailey’s Health & Fitness
  • Definition Fitness
  • Snap Fitness
  • CrossFit Decisions
  • TrueFitPhysiques Training


Want something absolutely scrumptious & less traditional?

Get your taste buds ready for a new delicious experience; local restaurateurs are committed to sustainable practices using local seasonal ingredients whenever possible to create delicious menus. Ortega, Jacksonville Florida has unique flavors, it is a melting pot of cultures and tastes. A thriving culinary culture pioneered by local chefs here is overwhelming, in a good way. The food scene is an eclectic hybrid of inspired casual elegance and classic southern comfort. You won’t be disappointed with any of the food experiences, everything from the food to the service to the unique atmosphere makes a fantastic dining experience. Check out the following list for a trendy change, the menu is plentiful with lots of interesting choices:


Is Ortega, Jacksonville Florida good for families?

Ortega is a wonderful place to live with a family. Communities are diverse, schools are excellent, and residents are friendly. It offers great parks; parks with walking trails and playgrounds, well-supported public transportation, and the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of activities. At the same time, Ortega is undergoing a renaissance, creating a downtown and a new waterfront district. These improvements will provide even more opportunities for all to enjoy and make Ortega a destination city. People in Jacksonville, Florida, have many reasons to consider moving to Ortega. People who live in Ortega are generally satisfied with their lives. Polls show the cost of living is lower, the cost of transportation is fair, and it has a strong arts community.

In addition to having a low cost of living, it offers numerous recreational, cultural activities and year-round outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, fishing, kayaking, sailing, boating, and many more. The beaches, parks, and lakes of the area offer plenty of opportunities to unwind and relax with your loved ones. The City of Jacksonville is also home to a wide variety of arts, culture, and entertainment activities. There are museums, art galleries, and cultural centers. Visitors can choose from a wide variety of shows and performances. Ortega with a thriving economy can provide both employment opportunities and the means to support families.

How are the schools in Ortega, Jacksonville Florida?

The best schools in Ortega, Jacksonville Florida are highly rated and offer serious quality educational services. Approximately 45.64% of the population in Ortega holds a high school degree, 24.08% have attained a college certificate and 13.25% have a bachelor’s degree.

Middle schools in Ortega, Jacksonville Florida

  • Julia Landon College Preparatory & Leadership Development School
  • James Weldon Johnson College Preparatory Middle School
  • River City Science Academy Mandarin
  • LaVilla School of the Arts
  • Duval Charter School at Flagler Center
  • Kirby-Smith Middle School

Middle schools in Ortega, Jacksonville Florida

High schools in Ortega, Jacksonville Florida

  • Stanton College Preparatory
  • Paxon School for Advanced Studies
  • Darnell Cookman Middle/High School
  • Douglas Anderson School of the Arts
  • San Jose Preparatory High School
  • Duval Charter High School at Baymeadows
  • Frank H. Peterson Academies of Technology

Colleges & Universities in Ortega, Jacksonville Florida

  • University of North Florida
  • Jacksonville University
  • Nova Southeastern University
  • Florida State College at Jacksonville – South Campus
  • Edward Waters University
  • Cannabis University of Florida

Conclusion: Why you should consider moving to Ortega, Jacksonville Florida

Jacksonville, Florida’s arts and culture scene, local bands, galleries, and gardens, reflect the region’s diversity. Whether it’s classical, contemporary, or experimental, museums, live music venues, and art galleries beckon art enthusiasts and admirers alike. Stroll through Northeast Florida’s history at any one of the heritage sites and museums.

onsider moving to Ortega, Jacksonville Florida

In addition to plenty of attractions, it also has a variety of schools, and shopping options, making it a convenient place to live, work and play.

“The weather is beautiful!” is a classic reason to live in Florida. People who live in Florida know how to make the most of the sunshine and fun activities year-round. There’s no denying the fact that there’s nothing better than enjoying beautiful weather. With Ortega, Jacksonville’s beautiful weather, the area offers many wonderful opportunities for everyone, from golfing to swimming and snorkeling to fishing. Other reasons for moving include the low cost of living, high quality of life, the educational system, the large number of parks, nature reserves, and a wide range of shopping, dining, and entertainment options. The real estate market is fairly steady in Ortega, Jacksonville Florida. This means people can invest their money in rental properties and have steady returns. Ortega can help you achieve all of your real estate goals. Whether it be selling or buying your dream home.

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