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I’m a Real Estate Agent. Let me Sell Your Avondale, Jacksonville Home for You

Whether you’re looking to sell your home because of an upgrade, downgrading, a divorce, death in the family or some other reason you need a realtor who can get you the top dollar for your property and house – quickly. I’m here for you! As a full-time real estate agent and licensed REALTOR© with dozens of years of experience in Avondale, Jacksonville, Florida, I know how to make selling your home as stress free as possible so we get it sold quickly. I will work hard on getting top dollar when negotiating offers so there is no need for multiple counteroffers which can prolong the process but also cause frustration and potential buyers pulling out once they realize all the competition involved.

By understanding the nuances on a zip code, and street level within Avondale, amenities, views, and comps, can mean the difference equating to real life dollars, in the tens of thousands. The lazy approach is to blast it to the MLS and hope for the best, or worse, attempt to DIY sell by owner, which leads to a second job, and often costs you money by leaving additional value and contractual money on the backend (which means you work more, and make less, which is always terrible).

Want To Sell Your House by a Local Realtor in Avondale, Jacksonville?

Sell My House by Realtor in Avondale Jacksonville Florida

Top 5 Reasons to Sell Your Home or Move out of Avondale Florida

1) Career Opportunities:

If you don’t work for a major corporation in Avondale, or if they are relocating you, Compass Real Estate, Erin E King MBA, REALTOR®️ can help you get your Avondale home listed and sold quickly for the most cash possible.

2) Family:

Whether you are moving in with someone else, or a death of a loved one, downsizing, upgrading or moving away from Avondale, it’s common with a population of 30,305.

3) Financials:

You might be making more (move to a “better” neighborhood) or less (a great area where you dollar stretches further) than the median income per family in Avondale of $46,649.00

4) Weather:

The 2020 low for Avondale in January was 41.9°F & high in July was 99.0 °F

5) Demographics:

76.9% are Caucasian. 8.6% are African American. Moving out of Avondale can expand your life experiences and diversity.

Avondale, Jacksonville Licensed Real Estate Agent

As a local REALTOR who eats, lives and breathes Avondale, Jacksonville Florida real estate, it’s critical to ask your real estate agent if they use any analytics and methodologies for pricing. Now is not the same for “feelings” or a soft approach. You need a Pitbull with a heart of Gold. That’s why Erin King is one of the most respected realtors, and when he gets a listing in Avondale, it sells – FAST.

The market is always shifting. Your neighbor across the street might have left $48,432 of value on the table because they didn’t understand the timing of the market. The market flows not only yearly, but monthly and hourly. The day of the week even matters, and the specific time of day – just ask Erin King about the complex nuances of Avondale, Jacksonville real estate when selling by realtor on the MLS listings.