Jacksonville, FL 32207 Zip Code Real Estate

Jacksonville, Florida’s 32207 ZIP code covers several neighborhoods in the southern part of the city, including San Marco, St. Nicholas, and parts of Spring Park. Real estate market conditions can change over time, and my knowledge is based on information available up until September 2021. Here’s some general information about the real estate market in the Jacksonville, FL 32207 ZIP code area:

Housing Types: The 32207 ZIP code offers a variety of housing options, including historic single-family homes, condominiums, apartments, and townhouses. Some neighborhoods feature well-preserved historic homes with unique architectural styles.

Home Prices: Home prices in the 32207 ZIP code can vary widely depending on factors such as the property’s size, condition, location within the area, and whether it’s a historic home. Prices can range from affordable to high-end, with some waterfront properties commanding premium prices.

Schools: The area is served by a mix of public and private schools, making it attractive to families.

Amenities: Residents of the 32207 ZIP code have access to various amenities, including parks, the Southbank Riverwalk, shopping districts, restaurants, and cultural attractions. The area is known for its vibrant dining and entertainment options.

Waterfront Living: Some parts of this ZIP code offer waterfront living along the St. Johns River, providing opportunities for boating and water-related activities.

Historic Character: Neighborhoods like San Marco are known for their historic charm, with brick-lined streets, tree canopies, and historic architecture.

To get the most accurate and current information about real estate listings, prices, and market trends in Jacksonville, FL 32207, I recommend using real estate websites like Zillow, Realtor.com, Redfin, or working with a local real estate agent who specializes in the San Marco, St. Nicholas, and Spring Park neighborhoods. They can provide you with personalized assistance and access to the latest listings and market data. Additionally, you should check with local real estate professionals for any recent developments or changes in the real estate market since my last update.

Jacksonville, FL 32207 Zip Code Real Estate