Want to stroll through the charming tree-lined streets of historic Riverside?

Located south of downtown Jacksonville on the St. Johns River, Riverside is a neighborhood of Jacksonville, Florida, U.S.

Individuals who are moving to Riverside to enjoy this urban-suburban blend of a neighborhood that is right next to Avondale on the St. Johns River.  They are assumed to be in the same neighborhood since they are so close in proximity. However, you know they share many parks and general areas but Riverside has so many of its own unique attributes starting with its history, Riverside was the original suburban neighborhood on this side of the St. Johns River created in the late 1800s

That originated as an old cornfield that got purchased by northerners who saw potential in the area for development and in this way Riverside became a booming residential neighborhood shortly.

Thereafter unfortunately there was an enormous fire in 1901 which took out most of Riverside making it just a blank canvas for development once again. This is what led to the houses we see today and hundreds of architects traveled to Jacksonville to just aid in the new development of Riverside by the 1920s.

Riverside was once again booming while boasting Mediterranean Georgian Revival Tudor prairie-style homes and luxurious apartment living which had before only been seen in northern cities.

Moving to Riverside, Jacksonville Florida


Reasons to Move to Riverside, Jacksonville Florida

The diversity in architecture isn’t the only kind of diversity Riverside offers. There is also a very diverse economic and ethnic presence the median household income is $68,338 approximately.

The safe environment of Riverside provides great amenities for the whole family, and lower percentages of households with children in this community.

There are numerous trendy coffee shops lying around Riverside such as bold bean and brew a family bar to catch up with friends or work away from home.

Riverside is one of Jacksonville’s trendiest neighborhoods. It’s largely popular among many, but especially millennials.

One of the safest areas of Jacksonville is regarded to be the affluent Riverside neighborhood. Due to its history, culture, and beauty, Riverside, one of the city’s older neighborhoods, was chosen as one of the top 10 neighborhoods in the nation.

Cost of living in Riverside, Jacksonville Florida

Cost of living in Riverside, Jacksonville Florida

The overall Riverside, FL cost of living is 97. The cost of goods & services (33%), groceries (13%), health care (5%), housing (30%), transportation (9%) and utilities (10%).

In Riverside the cost of living is 2% lower than the Jacksonville average, 3% lower than the national average and housing is equal to the national average.

What are the demographics of Riverside, Jacksonville Florida?

White:    76.47%

Black or African American:    16.72%

Hispanic:   4.78%

American Indian or Alaskan Native:   0.34%

Asian:   2.47%

Native Hawaiian & Other Pacific Islander:    0.05%

Other Race:    1%

Two or More Races:   2.98%


Male Population:   47.44%

Female Population:   52.56%

10 years:   5%

10-17 years:   5%

18-24 years:   8%

25-34 years:    30%

35-44 years:    13%

45-54 years:    8%

55-64 years:   16%

65+ years:    15%

The median age is 37 in Riverside, Jacksonville Florida, and 43.2 years for males and 40.5 years for females.

Things to do in Riverside, Jacksonville Florida

So why will people love Riverside so much? Well, there is tons to do! There are local restaurants on almost every corner, and the area is very walkable.

There are a lot of fun bars and trendy boutiques, and weekly events like the Riverside Arts Market.

The event takes place every Sunday from 10 to 3. It features a variety of small businesses, everything from artists and farmers to makers and bakers.

Riverside is also the home of the Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens, the largest fine arts museum in Northeast Florida.

Jacksonville’s historic riverside could be considered the cultural heart of the city. It is even been likened to New York’s Greenwich Village with its eclectic mix of shopping and trendy restaurants. You will love Riverside because it is so different than any other part of Jacksonville tree-lined streets and windows filled with charms make this a very walkable part of town filled up with boutiques, bargains in the Bohemian Five Points neighborhood, freshly squeezed juices in stylish Avondale and stroll along the beautiful St. Johns River in the striking Memorial Park then slip indoors to the sunray cinema.


How many people live in Riverside, Jacksonville Florida – Population?

There are 7,298 residents in Riverside, the population density is 141% higher than in Jacksonville. In Riverside average household size is 5.1, the percentage of family households is 34.1%, the Percentage of married-couple families is 36.8%, and the percentage of married-couple families with children is 34.5%.

people live in Riverside, Jacksonville Florida

Riverside, Jacksonville Florida Weather

In Jacksonville, the summers are hot, long, oppressive, and mostly cloudy, the winters are cool, short, and partly cloudy and it is wet year round. The temperature typically varies from 46°F to 90°F and is rarely below 32°F or above 95°F over the course of the year. Riverside Jacksonville, Florida gets 50 inches of rain, 0 inches of snow, and 221 sunny days on average, per year. April, November, and March are the most pleasant months to visit Riverside, Jacksonville. The humidity here can be oppressive in the summer, but pleasant for much of the year, August is the rainiest month with 14.3 days of rain, and April is the driest month with only 5.8 rainy days.

The hot season starts from May to September & lasts for 4.0 months with an average daily high temperature above 85°F. The hottest month of the year is July, with an average high of 90°F and a low of 74°F.

The cool season starts from December to February & lasts for 2.9 months with an average daily high temperature below 70°F. The coldest month of the year is January, with an average low of 46°F and a high of 65°F.


Average Income in Riverside, Jacksonville Florida

It is estimated that the average Riverside household earns $68,338 per year, while the median household earns $47,902. The average salary in Riverside, Jacksonville Florida is $76,379 per year, $31 per hour, $6,365 per month, and $1,469 per week. Jacksonville, Florida’s minimum wage rate is $8.65 per hour and the highest paying jobs are Loan Orthopedic Surgeon, Servicing Specialist, and Surgeon.

Taxes & Utilities in Riverside, Jacksonville Florida

The average bill for electricity, water usage, and other basic utilities comes out to an average of $164.70 per month. The average electricity customer in Jacksonville, FL is using 1,516 kWh of electricity per month, and 18,192 kWh over the course of the year so spends about $201 per month on electricity which adds up to $2,412 per year. The average monthly gas cost is $129.03, the mobile cost is $164.78 per month on average, and the Internet is similar to national prices, sitting at $64.80 per month.

Taxes & Utilities in Riverside, Jacksonville Florida

The minimum combined 2022 state, county, and city sales tax rates for Jacksonville, Florida is 7.5%. The Florida sales tax rate is currently 6%, the County sales tax rate is 1.5% and the Jacksonville sales tax rate is 0%.

Churches in Riverside, Jacksonville Florida

The Well Jax

Excel Church

Riverside Park United Methodist Church

First Baptist Church of Jacksonville

San Marco Church


Is Riverside, Jacksonville Florida good for singles?

A majority of people living in this area are college students and young professionals due to bars and clubs that are a big part of Riverside culture leading it to number three and one.

Riverside, Jacksonville Florida good for singles

There are two main areas to go out at night in Jacksonville and one of the main spots here is Riverside this may be because it offers an array of bars within walking distance the first main Spa is Five Points.

At night just a few blocks down the road on King Street is another row of popular bars including kickbacks Road the loft Park Place if you’re looking for more elegant dining while you’re out with friends you’ll find many trendy and high-end restaurants in Riverside. Residents love restaurants such as Hawkers River and post and black sheep.

Black sheep is a super quaint nice little restaurant with a rooftop bar with excellent drinks, nice cocktails, some delicious food and you’re sure going to love it.

Nightlife is only one part of the Activities River site offers to bring it to number four activities similar to Avondale Riverside has numerous parks.

An area is a popular place for young people to live, and despite the river’s million-dollar waterfront houses and upscale apartment buildings, where the average monthly rent is $1,295, Riverside has the impression of a vibrant urban neighborhood.

Gyms in Riverside, Jacksonville Florida

There are many super cool and innovative gyms for singles and other members that include cardio equipment, selected machines, free weights, boxing bags, tires, use technology to give you the results, to give you enhanced muscle contractions, work extensively on flexibility and on a mission to help you develop positive lifestyle habits, so, get started on your fitness journey in Riverside, Jacksonville Florida.

Gyms in Riverside, Jacksonville Florida

A few of them are;

Crunch Fitness – Orange Park

TrueFitPhysiques Training

Winston Family YMCA

BodyJax Fitness

Definition Fitness

Is Riverside, Jacksonville Florida good for families?

Families enjoy spending time at the comer Museum and sunray cinema. Riverside and Avondale have amazing schools. This area is home to many young families and young professionals because it is regarded as a trendy part of town. Find your ideal residence in a posh apartment, a modest single-family home, or a million-dollar waterfront property. Riverside is a close-knit community with an urban feel. Weekend activities with friends may include bar hopping, taking in some local art, or vintage apparel shopping.

 Riverside, Jacksonville Florida good for families

It is vacation time, the gang is on vacation, and Jacksonville has all the amenities for a fun-filled, affordable getaway for everyone. You can bet that it is most known for being the excellent city in the Sunshine State there are tons of family things from exciting attractions for kids to thrilling fun for teens, to do here you will have something for everyone.

Some ideas for your vacation with children are;

Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens

Catty Shack Ranch Wildlife Sanctuary

St. Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park

Jacksonville Children’s Chorus

Museum of Science & History

How are the schools in Riverside, Jacksonville Florida?

Five schools serving Riverside alone happen to all be highly acclaimed schools. You will have schools working nearby that only allow students with high test scores to attend more similar colleges. Many students have to get on the waiting list to even be admitted. These schools are so competitive and academically rigorous that they will transfer students from other boundaries back to their own neighboring schools.


Middle schools in Riverside, Jacksonville Florida

James Weldon Johnson College Preparatory Middle School

Duval Charter School at Flagler Center

Kirby-Smith Middle School

Duval Charter School at Baymeadows K-12

River City Science Academy Innovation

High schools in Riverside, Jacksonville Florida

Old Plank Christian Academy

San Jose Preparatory High School

Eagle’s View Academy

Christ’s Church Academy

Paxon School for Advanced Studies

High schools in Riverside, Jacksonville Florida

Colleges & Universities in Riverside, Jacksonville Florida

UEI College

University of Florida College of Dentistry

Logos Christian University

Year Up Jacksonville

C B McIntosh Pediatric Center

Conclusion: Why you should consider moving to Riverside, Jacksonville Florida

If you take a drive through Riverside, you’re going to find adorable historic homes with so much charm, but when you peek inside you’ll find that most of them have been completely renovated with modern design.

They’re actually doing a full renovation of the property which is going to be amazing but they have a rooftop bar upstairs which is absolutely spectacular.

Riverside’s commercial development remained sparse, with most development occurring along Park Street in Five Points.

As a result of its historic nature, the neighborhood has recovered with a more diverse group of residents, most of whom value the historic nature of the area, with a charming, walkable environment.


Riverside ranks among the nation’s top neighborhoods.

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